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Midas and the Insatiable Appetite

Midas is left home alone after his minions, No.1 and No.2, leave him after a less than satisfactory serving of peasant’s pate. After deciding that the stale dry food left in the sadistic puzzle are more trouble than they are worth, he relies on his intuitive hunting skills to look for the good boy treats. You know the ones - those crunchy bites of heaven with the pillow soft meat inside. He searches around the home, unearthing cupboards and clawing open packages leaving devastation in his wake in order to keep his insatiable appetite at bay.

Midas and the Insatiable Appetite

VAT Included |
  • This zine was originally drawn on an iPad Air in Procreate.

    This zine is printed on smooth silk matte paper and staple bound.

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